Multiple flavored portable dental orthodontic relief wax with different colors

Short Description:

Material:made from 100% food grade microcrystalline wax

Wax box material: PP

Wax Size: Length 4.5cm * width 2.5cm, each piece five wax strip, wax strip 0.4cm diameter

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Product Description

Material Made from 100% food grade microcrystalline wax
Wax box material PP
Wax Size Length 4.5cm * width 2.5cm, each piece five wax strip, wax strip 0.4cm diameter


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Pink- Strawberry scent

Orange- Orange scent

Green- Apple scent

Blue- Mint scent

Purple- Grape scent

Red-Rose scent

Yellow- Mint scent

White- Original scent

Off-white - Osmanthus scent


100pcs/papar box,20 paper boxes/ctn

10pcs/plastic box,200 plastic boxes/ctn


Q&SKY High quality White Orthodontic Dental Wax Carving Dental Wax Block must have for Braces. Patient Relief Wax Sticks help soothe and prevent irritation to the gums caused by Braces and other Dental appliances. Prevent and Protect orthodontic wire


Dental Orthodontic wax is ideal for fast, temporary relief of irritation caused by fixed brackets and dental appliances coming into contact with the soft tissue inside the mouth.

Relieves irritation from orthodontic braces.

Prevent sores caused by wires and brackets.

Help to protect your lips and gums and make you feel comfortable

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1.Good quality & Quick Delivery

2. More than 20 years manufacturing experience.

3. Weight:3g

4. Colorful dispenser

Method of application

1. After opening the small box of orthodontic protection wax, use a knife or the spatula attached to the oral mirror in the orthodontic partner to cut a small piece 2 mm long.

2. Knead and knead the orthodontic protection wax into a small ball. Knead the cut orthodontic protection wax into a ball for convenient use.

3. look in the mirror at the ulcer relative bow wire or bracket position, the orthodontic protection wax paste on it.Note: not to the ulcerated oral mucosa, but to the socket or arch wire of the orthodontic device.

4.orthodontic protection wax should be removed at the time of eating, after the meal to replace a new orthodontic protection wax.

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