High Absorbent disposable medical consumable Cotton roll for surgical and dental

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Material:made from 100% high-purity absorbent cotton, pure white,high absorbing capacity

Size:8x38mm (0.315”X1-1/2”),



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Product Description

Material made from 100% high-purity absorbent cotton, pure white,high absorbing capacity
Size 8x38mm (0.315”X1-1/2”),







Q&SKY cotton rolls are made of pure cotton, are used extensively wherever absorbency and cushioning are needed in general and special surgery..They are without any impurities by carding procedure. Soft, pliable, non-lining, non-irritating

meet EP and BP standards. These rolls are non-strung, non X-ray cotton rolls similar to those used in the dental profession, but in a sterile package.They are healthy and safe products for medical and personal care use.

Dental cotton roll is a kind of semi-product raw cotton in cotton spinning products.The raw cotton is loosened by a cleaning cotton machine,decontaminated,degreased,bleached,washed,dried,finished and processed,and condensed into a cotton layer with width and thickness.Pressed and wound,as a liquid absorption,moisture barrier.

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1. 100% highly absorbent cotton, pure white.

2. Flexibility, conforms easily, maintains its shape when wet.

3. Comfortable and convenient, simple and practical;

4. No cellulose, no rayon fibers ,No metal, no glass, no grease

5. Highly absorbing up to ten times of their weight

6. Will not adhere to mucous membranes

7. Maintain shape better when wet

8. Well-packed for protection

9. Do not have any chemical agents;


No cellulose or rayon fibers. Latex free.

Non-linting. Will not adhere to mucous membrane.

Suitable for a large number of dental procedures due to minimal irritation and easy removal.


Depending on the weight of per square metre.

Hardness can be controlled properly while production.

Hardness or softness can be ajusted according to customer's request.


1. This product is a one-time use only and destroyed after use;

2. Prohibition of use with damaged package;

3. The asepsis term of validity is two years, prohibit the use of expired products;

4. Should be stored in a dry, ventilated environment;

Applicable Scope: Used in hospitals, dental clinic;

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