Disposable Medical Sterilize 4ply white Non Woven Gauze Sponges for Hospital Use

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Gram weight:30g/㎡

Size: 2”x2”,3”x3”,4”x4”

Use:Sterilization,cleaning care,pretection

Package: 200pcs/bag,50bags/ctn

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Product Description

Material Non-woven
Gram weight 30g/㎡
Size 2”x2”,3”x3”,4”x4”
Use Sterilization,cleaning care,pretection
Package  200pcs/bag,50bags/ctn


Q & SKY Sterile non-woven sponges are made of non-woven fabric,the gauze sheet is highly hygroscopic,soft and breathable.

They are perfect for general use. The 4-ply, non-sterile sponge is soft, smooth, strong and virtually lint free. The standard sponges are 30 gram weight rayon/polyester blend while the plus size sponges are made from 35 gram weight rayon/polyester blend. The lighter weights provide good absorbency with little adhesion to wounds. These sponges are ideal for sustained patient use, disinfecting and general cleaning.

This product is made of 70% viscose + 30%polyester


1. We are the professional manufacturer of sterile non-woven  sponges for 20 years.

2. Our products have good sense of vision and  tactility.

3. Our products are mainly used in hospital, laboratory and family for general wound care.

4. Our products have a variety of sizes for your choice. So you can choose suitable size due to the wound condition for economy using.


Used for


1.Absorbing blood flow. 

2.First aid for wounds. 

3.Protecting open wounds with gauze dressing. 

4.Non Sterile swabs to clean and absorb and cushion wounds.

Cautions, warnings and indicative instructions

1.Please check the integrity of the package before use. Can not use if the package of the product is damaged.

2.This product is for one-time use only. Please destroy it after use

3.Details of production batch number, specification, quantity and product validity period are shown in the packaging bag and product qualification certificate

4.Use period:Please use it within the validity period

5.The date of production:The date of production is marked on the package


The product shall be stored in a clean room with a relative humidity not exceeding 80%, free from corrosive material erosion and well ventilated

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