Colorful Disposable plastic Dental Micro applicator Microbrush with different sizes

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Handle Material:PP; Tip material:Nylon

Total length:100mm

Size: Regular Φ2.5mm;Fine Φ2mm;Ultrafine Φ1.5mm

Color:Regular Blue;Fine Green;Ultrafine Purple

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Product Description

Handle Material PP;
Tip material Nylon
Total length 100mm
Size  Regular Φ2.5mm;Fine Φ2mm;Ultrafine Φ1.5mm
Color Regular Blue;Fine Green;Ultrafine Purple



We can do OEM labels or OEM printing if the quantity will reach the MOQ


Q & SKY Micro brush applicators is manily used for dental doctors to dip in acid etchants or liquid medicines,adhesive ,hole linings,fluorine protective paint,pit and fissure sealants,etc

It feature non-absorbent fiber tips and a bendable neck to give dentists maximum control of their procedures.

With a stiff head designed for scrubbing and a strong bending portion for accurate placement of solution in hard to reach areas, Micro applicators offer dentists unparalleled convenience, consistency, and control. The non-absorbent fiber tips hold solution in suspension until applied to ensure maximum control and precision in every restoration.

Suitable for different needs. Health and convenience of a soft touch-loaded single agent. The use of soft touch can be a single agent in the clamping ring put, the operation closer to the mouth of patients. 

Acetone dentin lead to excessive dehydration. Its own rapid evaporation. Small brush of alcohol is the solvent in the range of high water and volatile solvents (acetone and) between the best


1.The nylon head does not fall off,does not drop hair,has good safety.

2.The main material of it is PP,,which is injection moulded.The handle has good elasticity and can be bend at various angles

3.Handle without burr,products neat and beautiful

4.Different specifications and sizes for your choose, eco-friendly materials, fits for medical requirements ,are suitable for different scenarios and can reach Narrow areas

5.The use of very fine filler material (micro-filler). The surface of teeth to get a shiny layer. The naked eye can be observed on the surface of the enamel and dentin uniform coverage. 

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