Dental Disposable Syringes sterile side hole Endo Irrigation Needle vented Tips

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Material:Stainless steel needle tube + PP needle seat

Type:endo-close,one side hole

endo-close,two side hole

Half cut

Size: 23G Blue color,25G Orange color ,27G Grey color,30G Yellow color


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Product Description

Material Stainless steel needle tube + PP needle seat
Type endo-close,one side hole
endo-close,two side hole
Half cut
Size 23G Blue color,25G Orange color ,27G Grey color,30G Yellow color
Length 25mm

Varied packagings for choose

Box package with sterile 1pc/pouch,100pcs/box,100boxes/ctn
Bag package with sterile 1pc/pouch,10000pcs/ctn
Bag package without sterile 50pcs/bag,100pcs/bag
Barrel package without sterile 50pcs/drum,100pcs/drum


Q&SKY Dental irrigation needle is composed of upper and lower protective cap, needle and needle hub.

The disposable sterile irrigation needle are made of medical grade material and sterilized by Ethylence Oxide so that they're guaranteed to be sterile, and free of pyrogenand .They are fitted together for clinical dental cleaning

One-time use is economical and convenient,muti-model and muti-opening modes are available in many sizes,and can be applied to many occasions.

A blunt-tip cannula is a small tube with an unsharp rounded end, specifically designed for atraumatic intradermal injections of fluids, such as injectable fillers.

This is more flexible and less traumatic than standard needles. Unlike needles, they can navigate through tissue easily without cutting or tearing blood vessels. This significantly decreases the risks of bleeding and bruising. Microcannulas can deliver fillers precisely over an area which would require multiple needle punctures.

Fewer injections means less pain, more comfort, and less risk of complications.


There is no burr in the head of the needle file

The needle file can tightly combine with the luer lock syringe

End-closed,side port means while doing irrigating,the water can only fluoride by the side not from the head of the needle

We need use the appropriate pressing the syringes while doing irrigating ,if the pressure is too heavy or too small,which indicates that the needles unqualified.

The white gule must be smear evenly between the connection of the hub with the needles

Under the circumstances of daylight test,the needle file can’t have clearly other substances

The needle can’t have rusty spot or any spot

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