Business class teeth

Everybody wants to live in business class,but business class is not for all.In fact,few people live their dream life and what other people see of us at their first glance reflects our place in society.

The way we dress, the car we drive,and our look,they all tell a lot about who we are and who we would like to be. Similarly, the way we smile reveals something crucial about us.How much does our teeth represents us?Maybe more than we realize.our teeth and how much we worry about their daily care reflect not only who we are,but also the society we live in.To have a business class life and business class teeth does not depend on us only,but also on our environment.Indeed,it also depends on several economic,financial,gender and educational factors.Consequently,out teech can be an instrument to highlight inequalities in societies across the world.

Similarly to United States, for a deepen analysis,European follow the same path. European men with a higher education level have access to a better dental care treatment compared to women.

The access to dental treatment plays a crucial role in society,reflecting the country divergences and problems.In this regard,a homogeneous access to dental care could be a good start to flight social disparities, for instance ideally by extending the health coverage insurance or promoting the dental care prevention.In all Europe and int eh UNITED STATES there’s a lot to cover in order to guarantee the health care to the poorest bracket of the population and the poorest countries.A complete teeth and an adequate dental treatment should be a primary right and not a privilege for white and rish people.Ideally,you should be considered for your merites and quanlities,but not for your teeth.

Everybody wants business class teeth, and everybody should have a chance for it.

Post time: Sep-30-2021