Dental Disposable Surgical Portable Saliva Ejector Aspirator Tip/Dental Suction Tips

Short Description:

Material:Transparent PVC tube,copper interior wiring with chrome plated


Various colours available:

Clear tube with blue tip

Clear tube with clear tip

Clear tube with white tip

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Product Description

Material:Transparent PVC tube,copper interior wiring with chrome plated


Various colours available:

Clear tube with blue tip

Clear tube with clear tip

Clear tube with white tip

White tube with white tip

Clear tube with colorful tip

Colorful tube with colorful tip

Colorful tube with clear tip

Package: 100pcs/bag,10bags/ctn



1. Latex-free, non toxic, PVC material with good figuration function

2. Disposable / single usedo not reuse ,not made with natural rubber latex.

3. For dental application only

4. Bonded non-removable tips

5. Wire- reinforced-easily shaped

6. Fixed or removable tips

7.The soft, non-removable tip bonded to the tube minimizes tissue impingement and offers maximum patient safety. And to prevent tissure absorption,easy to use with safety and confort

8. Easy to use with non-rusting alloy wire (brass coated), easily forms into desired configuration

9.They provide optimal suction without aspirating tissue.

10.Good shape,no rebound,reasonable anti-rebound,can be bent into a variety of desired shape,to ensure that after bending does not rebond,long set time,good bending mamory

11.Smooth and round tip help to enhance patient comfort while protecting delicate mucosal tissue.Facilitates uninterrupted fluid and light debris removal


1. These pliable, shape-maintaining tips fit all standard saliva ejector hose ends.

2. They provide optimal suction without aspirating tissue and ensure non-clogging operation.  

3. The soft, non-removable tip bonded to the tube minimizes tissue impingement and offers maximum patient safety.

4.Facilitates uninterrupted fluid and light debris removal and other extended use. Rust-proof alloy copper materials can be bent into the shape of a variety of needs; Soft and smooth mouth design, the prevent suck organization, safe and comfortable; Non-toxic tasteless green soft materials and It is disposable to prevent cross infection.

5.this products has strong toughness,flexible bending and can deal with all kinds of situations.

Instructions for use

1. Attach ejector head to hand piece .

2. Place in mouth and bend to desired position .

3. After use , dispose of the ejector.

4. Used to suction saliva from a patient’s mouth during preventive procedures . 


Stored in dry, humidity below 80%, ventilated, non-corrosive gases warehouse 

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