High quality Colorful Consumables Plastic Prophy Cup for dental prophylaxis use

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 Material: Metal handle:Made of pure copper,nickel plated.

Cup:Silicone(Latex free)


Divided by page:four pages,six pages

Description: Reconmmended rotating speed per minute:5000-7000

Rocommended maximum rotating speed per

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Metal handle:Made of pure copper,nickel plated.
Cup:Silicone(Latex free)
Color Green,pink,gray,White,Blue,purple
Divided by page four pages,six pages
Reconmmended rotating speed per minute 5000-7000
Rocommended maximum rotating speed per minute 15000
High tempereture resistance 150°-200°
Cup Diameter 6.3mm/0.25In
Shank Diameter 2.33mm/0.9Inch
Package 100pcs/box,100boxes/ctn 

Polishing brush use

Dental polishing cups are mainly used for tooth polishing of the surface of porcelain teeth, crowns, teeth, workpiece connection point and edge subtle; also applies to real tooth enamel and resin workpiece,Achieves a High Shine quickly.

Different tooth positions are polished with different polishing cups. 

After the teeth are polished, the teeth become white and flawless, and at the same time, some bacteria are infected with the teeth to protect the teeth.

Soft white Cup For Polishing The Tooth Surface, Achieves a High Shine quickly.

Disposable For Patient Safety ,Do not Sterilize


1. Used for slow-speed handpiece  

2. Dental polishing is to use a very soft rubber dipped polishing paste like toothpaste that contains fine sand in the plaster tooth surface at low speed rotational friction. 

3. It can remove the scratches on the teeth, so that the surface of the teeth become very smooth, clean your teeth or tooth surface difficult to clean tea spots, smoke spot. 

4. Make the tooth surface smooth, extended tartar, plaque growth rate in order to better maintain the cosmetic dental good results.

5. Pin type polishing cup size is 20X4.5mm, silicone length 6.5mm, out 

diameter 2.35mm.

6. Plastic part is soft silicone TPE material, nontoxic safety, wide range of hardness, has excellent coloring, soft touch, weather resistance, good UV resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance, high temperature of 200 degrees.

7. Polished cup handle with copper production, nickel-plated, anti-oxidation, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, to prevent rust.

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