High grade Disposable sterile injection 27G 30G Dental needle for anesthesia use

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Material:made of medical grade PP; Needle: SS 304 (medical grade)



Universal fitting Metric and Imperial

Steriled by EO,non-toxic,non-pyrogenic

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Product Description

Material made of medical grade PP;
Needle  SS 304 (medical grade)
Size 27G(0.4mm),30G(0.3mm)
  • 21(mm),25(mm),28(mm),30(mm),32(mm),35(mm),38(mm),40(mm) 
  • Universal fitting Metric and Imperial 
  • Steriled by EO,non-toxic,non-pyrogenic


100pcs/box, 50boxes/ctn

Q&SKY Dental Disposable Dental Needle is composed of upper and lower protective cap, needle and needle hub.

The cannula is precisely processed and siliconized to reduce pain and skin trauma for patients. The needle hubs are color coded by gauge for easier identification.

The dental needles are made of medical grade material and sterilized by Ethylence Oxide so that they're guaranteed to be sterile, and free of pyrogen

Dental Needle production is computer controlled in all processes from manufacture to inspection. The cannula is coated with silicon through a special treatment. Individually packaged, sterilized, Self tap ribs placed on the outside of the hub, inside screws make for ease of use. 


1. Sharp tri-bevel point, for maximum comfort

2. Screw-in system: inch and metric (mm) type

3. Size: metric cone and American cone

4. Good quality and reasonable price

5. Unit package: Heat-sealed plastic container or a adhesive paper seal. 

6. Silicone coating substantially reduces pain and tissue trauma 

7. Tri-bevel point for easy tissue penetration without coring 

8. High-tech steel tube, safe, non-toxic, pyrogenic free 

9. The round cutting edge protecting the gun

10. Screw-in system: inch type,metric type and universal type.

11. Easy to see each model

It is easy to see each model due to the different color for each model whenever a dentist use for patient.

12. Special heat treatment of pipes makes Denject Super-elastic

Instruction For Use

Break the hermetic seal (Twist cap to open-Do not bend or snap open) 

First insert the syringe into the cartridge with anaesthetic and only then put the needle on 

The needle should remain inside the protective cap up till the moment of actual usage 

Use the protective cap in order to remove the tip 

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